//Fantastic Tricks to Fast-Cooking After Work

Fantastic Tricks to Fast-Cooking After Work

Cooking should be fun and not torture. There are times I enjoy cooking while relaxed and with some background music. Such times, I follow the recipes religiously, try new foods, and incorporate fancy combinations. Honestly, I only enjoy that freedom on weekends and days off.

The busy day’s schedule will not allow me to enjoy cooking at my own pace. Nevertheless, I have to eat a healthy meal. Along the way, I have learned cooking tricks that speed up my cooking and saves time. Let’s take a look at them.

Think About What to Cook

I always take a few minutes to settle on what I will cook. When cooking multiple meals, I identify the type of foods that takes longer to cook. For instance, as I prepare other meals, I boil those that require boiling. This strategy saves time and ensures everything is done by the time meals that take a long time are ready.

Heat the Oven

Any time I am cooking oven recipes, the first thing I do is heat up the oven. Using an already heated cooker speeds up things and saves me time.


I make sure I prepare my ingredients and cooking appliances before I start cooking. Reaching out to ingredients in the middle of my cooking has been time-consuming. Assembling required recipes, preparing the cooking items, and ensuring the oven is ready are among the things I do before starting the exercise.

Clean Vegetables

I make sure I wash all my vegetables before I start chopping them. Those that can be washed or rinsed together are combined to avoid water wastage. Chopping the veggies and cleaning them after leads to loss of important nutrients.

Cooking More than One Meal at a Time

Cooking multiple meals at a go saves me a huge deal of time. After preparing all the ingredients, I do cook all the meals at a go. I make sure I give the foods my attention to avoid burning.

Use a Sharp and Finer Knife

When chopping, trimming or cutting my vegetables, I use a sharp knife. A sharp blade helps me cut smaller pieces of vegetables, which, in turn, cooks faster. Blunt knives take much of my time and can hardly achieve smaller vegetable pieces.

Grate My Butter

Is butter in my recipe? I cannot afford to wait until it melts down. Instead, I pick the grater and grate it into fine pieces.

Use a Meat Tenderizer or Mallet

Using a meat tenderizer or using a mallet to work on it softens it and reduces its moisture content. This saves the meat cooking time.

All-in-One Dish

There are those occasions I am extremely exhausted and out of time. I go for recipes that allow me to prepare one dish. Importantly, it reduces my dirty dishes and saves a big deal of time.

Use a Wider Pan

I came to learn that a wider pan cooks faster than the small ones. A wider pan allows the food to spread out and not lay on top of each other.

Put on a Lid

I have been placing a lid on my cooking pot. It helps my food cook faster than when left open. Moreover, it prevents the steam from getting out of the cooking pot and hastens the cooking process.

Use a Garbage Bowl

As time goes, I discerned that I expend a lot of time taking my waste to the garbage container. So, lately, I do use a garbage bowl to put all my rubbish in and then take them outside to the garbage container after I finish cooking.

Weekly Preparation

Sometimes I prepare several weekly ingredients and store (refrigerate) them for later use during free time. This practice speeds up my cooking and reduces dirty dishes.

Freezing My Sauce

I do not make a sauce for every meal; instead, I freeze my sauce and store it in clean containers or ice cubes. The practice reduces my meal prep time.

Clean as I Cook

Washing the dishes takes much of my time. I came up with the practice of doing the crockery as I cook. So, when the food is ready, my dishes are also set.

Being a full-time worker is demanding, and so is preparing a healthy meal for my family. I ensure that I use the ideal shortcuts when on tight schedules. Eating out is not a thing I fancy. I like it when I prepare my own fresh meals.