//Renovating Your Home

Renovating Your Home

Once in a while renovating your home is necessary. This is because the house you bought back then doesn’t fit your current lifestyle, children are growing and more space is needed. Other reasons for extending a house is because there is enough disposable income to spruce up the family home for it to match neighbouring homes as well as current standards.


There are many things to consider when making changes to a building and these have to be carefully thought through. This is not an undertaking that someone can do overnight and so proper consultation with experts needs to occur.


Things to consider

Renovations take time depending on what needs to be done to the house. Some changes may take a week while others can take up to months. Proper planning has to be done to work around the noise and inconvenience caused. If, for example, you have a family you might want to find out how long the renovations will take as long as the extent of disruptions. Space could be limited so I believe that finding a time when the children can go on holiday will be best. For those that have babies, the noise is something to consider. Those people who work from home might need to find a way of getting work done with all the hammering and loud machine sounds. I find that work goes better when I use earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones. Either one of these options could be a good investment that can be used in the future.


Government regulations or municipal by-laws

There are so many pictures and videos that float around the internet of home ideas that are out of this world. Some of the ideas are so unique that if you pull them off, your home will be an instant hit with friends. Sadly, not all ideas can be successfully implemented without the authorities paying you a visit. It is, therefore, necessary to make yourself acquainted with by-laws so that you know what not to do. I find it useful to check online or visit your local municipal office with proposed plans so that they can determine if it is allowed or not. It would be very annoying and costly to add another floor to your home only to find out that you have to tear it down because your area only allows less than two-story buildings for example.


In some instances, a permit has to be obtained so that you will be allowed to do the necessary extensions to your property.



One of the most important factors to consider when doing renovations is finances. As mentioned above, it is a very expensive project, and so it should be done when all the costs have been thought through. Some people save up for a long time so that they can have that dream balcony, extra bedroom or walk-in closet. If saving up is not an option, or if it will take too long I find that banks could be an answer to this problem. Most banks provide loans for either buying a house or making renovations. Speaking to a financial advisor or someone with sufficient financial knowledge will help you to make the best financial decision. Without help, most people will take-up loans with very high-interest rates or get credit from dubious sources.


Expert advice

There are many things to consider when making renovations to a house. Issues such as boundaries, space and the practicality of the renovations have to be assessed by an expert. If it’s an extension of the house, the plan has to be drawn up by a reputable architect who has studied the layout of the land. They will also know how best to implement the changes you require. Some changes might not make sense if a house is on weak soil or a slope as this will affect the integrity of the structure. I also believe that good contractors will make a difference. They will not only save you on time but also future heartache from shoddy jobs performed by no-name contractors.


If these recommendations are followed I believe that the experience of making those much-needed changes to your home will be relatively flawless.